Captain Ron Rusch Fishing Report

Shades to Shorewood Smallmouth

The first day of bass found slow fishing. Of the large hog smallies caught all the fish still held eggs. This pre spawn day was slow all over no good depth was found.

Water temp 61 degrees

Thursday action was mostly the same with some nice fish caught. Soft shelled crayfish worked best. 15 to 25 feet was the hottest.

The lake was mostly flat all day. The larger female were beginning to show signs that the spawn was on.

Saturday the 22nd a post spawn bite was on. The morning was flat and the fish were biting. Here again soft shells worked great catching the big ones.

Late morning the breeze began making a great drift but it seemed to shut the fish down.

Noon the lake went flat and the bite was on until we quite.
Depth was 25 to 9 feet.
Water temp 65 degrees

Many perch are being caught each day right with the smallies into 10 feet with 35 to 40 best here

Source: Captain Ron Rusch June 23, 2002 at 22:25:31

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