Captain Ron Rusch Fishing Report

Walleye, Steelhead and Fantastic Perch 07/03/2002

The past week has seen walleye in the cooler every day now. Catches were good off Godfry to Walnut in 37 feet. Then excellent 52 feet Walnut to the point. Many many perch and junk fish are also right in with the walleye.
Worm dragger need many dozens of worm to get thru the day.

The first three days of last week Steelhead were on the line each day.

The steelies could be found along the south side of the first trench.

Walleye catches have been averaging in size of 20 to 26 inches with an occasional one up to 31 inches.

The smallmouth still can be found near shore with the majority of the big ones now in deeper water on the west side of town. East side still good fishing close to shore.

Perch fishing is fast with many limit catches daily north of walnut creek 49 feet. Many boats are limited by 9:00 am

The numbers of perch caught eash day while walleye fishing (near 40 one day) has been record breaking with most being jumbo size perch.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 03, 2002 at 08:46:34

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