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Sunday July 14th and one 12.25 pound WALLEYE!

Sunday July 14th the action was good from the start to finish with big eyes north of the condos 9 mile. Fish ran about 40 feet down and loved those night crawlers.

Pictured above Lori caught a nice 8.75 pound 29 inch walleye. Felt good to set her own line and fight this big fish from the depths. Just after the picture
was taken, Then it happen the rod just bent over and Lori held on.

The fish pulled side to side and up and down. Then this 12.25 pound 30.5 inch monster showed its colors. Walleye!!! and what a walleye it was. Hitting a watermelon harness was its down fall with Lori on the other end of the line. The slow forward drift/troll allows for some real walleye fighting. Don't let anybody tell you a walleye don't fight.

The family had a good day on the water with lots of good memories.
Lori had the touch setting her lines and caught most of the fish.

Water temp today was 73 degrees

The past week fishing was exciting with good catches of walleye and perch.

Each day a good many big perch made the cooler while walleye fishing. They just seem to be everywhere. Just some places have more. It's not unusual to end up with 15 to 40 perch in the cooler to go with the walleye for appetizers.

Most of the early week fishing was 5 miles north of the condos. The mid week blow just moved the fish north.

Friday the lake calmed and the fishing was good again but 8 miles north of the condos.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 14, 2002 at 23:18:27

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