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Walleye and Perch July 31 2002

This past week has seen many large walleye in the cooler. Action continues to be found in many places, but seldom two days in a row.

Kids enjoy winding these big walleye in as they twist and turn, dive and finally make the net.

The hump between the trenches has given up some nice walleye.

Steelhead have been present on the hump.

The western end of the hump was good early in the week for steelies and walleye.

Tuesday the 29th the fellows on the boat caught many walleye on the north side of the hump size here continues to be large. Following these big old walleye around is not easy but they are fun to catch and hunt down.

Tuesday evening right after the storm the shallow waters from Elk to Walnut were hot with action. The 30 foot level contained walleye and the smallmouth danced on the calm waters when hooked. The smallies have been found in the shallows fairly often. The evening was cut short with another nasty storm.

Action on Wednesday: The guys on the boat caught a good many large walleye and lots of perch

Perch: good north of trout run in 50 feet many boats limited today.

Walleye very spotty but were found in the shallow waters, eastern end of the first trench and in the western end of the 2nd trench.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 31, 2002 at 22:37:29

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