Captain Ron Rusch Fishing Report

Walleye, Perch and Smallmouth: Monday August 5th, 2002

Stephanie had a great time catching this monster from the deep. The fish twisted and turned, shock it's head side to side, but Stephanie just held on and just kept winding. The fish had met it's down fall this day. Stephanie had the complete angling technique from start to finish in catching her BIG ONE!

The past week walleye fishing near shore has gotten much better.
Action on Monday was good near shore, Godfry area, all the way to the south side of the first trench.

Drifting around the perch fishermen in 50 feet yielded many nice size walleye.

The smallmouth were also present in the same area.

All my walleye trips continue to catch many nice size perch while walleye fishing. This day 33 made the cooler for a lake treat to go with all those walleye caught this day.

Fish were 40 feet and down.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch August 07, 2002 at 09:54:14

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