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PHENOMENAL Steelhead Action 10/25/2002

PHENOMENAL Steelhead Action

The cooler water of Lake Erie has made for some fantastic steelhead fishing near shore the end of October.

Friday the 25th was, as another boat put it "PHENOMENAL". The frosty morning began off Trout Run with each pass yielding two to three fish. We were 5 for 5 before we lost one. Red was hot and these tackle-busting steelies were hitting hard and dancing on the water.

Many places were good from Trout to Walnut. The day ended 20+ for 35+ Shore anglers were also having a super day.

Saturday morning light rain and north west rollers started another great day. Action started slower but finished as Friday began. The silver bullets fought hard and continued to dance on the waters.

Friday was all steelies but Saturday some Coho made the cooler.

Another day of 20+ for 35+ makes for another fantastic day.

Lure colors Saturday were green, red and black.

Each passing cold front just makes the fishing better.

It's a shame the docks will be removed in a few days!!!!

Catching the fish by boat is super in it self enjoying the free space to fight your tackle-busting steelie.
Limit catches are very common.

The stream fishing has been heavy and sholder to sholder is common.

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